About Us

NIS is an services based organization, with growing business capabilities in database development and also in consulting services. We work through refined processes to keep our clients happy, and in turn their customers happy.

We have a skilled pool of data professionals that have expertise in the latest tools in market. Our innovative ways for development, impelmenting technology on data and turns data into business growth have led us to success

Our Goals

Our primary objective is to serve our customers responsibly and to become one stop service provider for all their data related requirements & data professionals needs. At NIS, we believe our responsibility extends not just to delivery but giving right guidance and sharing relevant knowledge with our clients, empowering our staff to handle complex situations at work, and create a culture of fun and learning in the organisation. To fullfill our business commitments is our duty but do it with righteousness, with clarity and prudence has always been our forte.

We believe in what we do, and are visibly dedicated to and enthusiastic about, achieving results. We are motivated by our goals and thrive on the accomplishments we make. We take responsibility and ownership for own actions and behaviour and demonstrates enthusiasm for meeting our customer needs.

Our Values

Working as a unified service provider, we value to our customer's growth and always keep our content, technologies, & other services up to date as per the new market needs with rapidly global market place.

Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs by honouring commitments that we have made to them and always providing the best quality services by being reliable and responsible.
Be Accountable: We will accept responsibility for any good or bad work, always work with integrity and take pride and ownership in everything we do. We always try to find scope of improvements in our good work and learn from mistakes and give our customers best value for their money.

Our Vision & Mission

We envision to become the best, one stop solution for all data related services, products, knowledge & staffing needs.

We believe that data is going to be a backbone of informnation technology and data will only be a driving force for any business growth. We at NIS are committed to provide maximum out of customer's data by providing products, knowledge, mentoring staff, customized & advanced reports etc.

We deliver High quality services and products to see all our business associates get succeed & set themselves apart from others as without them, our work would hold no meaning.

To be respected and appreciated by our trainees for the outstanding quality of our services, products, training, creativity, usefulness and the effectiveness of our strategy & approach.

Our Portfolio

We aim to reach the highest levels of achievement in everything we do — Making technology work for us.

NIS is a successful provider of services (Consulting & Development), lifelong goals of our customers or of employers. NIS Is honest in all dealings and promotes trust and openness. We are responsive to the needs of others, seeks ways to understand and resolve people’s needs and accepts feedback on own behaviours and actions.

We don't believe the quantity but the qwality and move keeping in mind that every customer comes to NIS should be capable enough to compete the today's tough competitive field with over all growth (technical/functional/communication/personality). Every single client is very important to us and even a single word of feedback our customers give about us are taken seriously and worked upon to improve.

We generate new ideas and creative approaches to develop services or softwares as per customer's requirement and best fit to their budget.